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Maggi seasoning mix # 2 for vegetables & light sauces

Thomy Delikatess Mustard Medium Hot 200ml / 7.05 fl.oz

Great kruidenmix

Kocht het altijd in zakjes here in Nederland maar het is not more verkrijgbaar. Heb het now ordered in Germany. First 1 potje om Zeker te weten of het hetzelfde is. Only three potjes order want de verzendkosten zijn wat aan de kant. It is long known. I use it for vlees, kip, pasta just in the oven schotels.

Ritter Sport Jamaica Rum Crispy Pieces 200g

Maggi wort 250ml
Achim Eilers

Maggi wort 250ml

Ferrero Duplo White Big Pack 18 pieces

Fast delivery

Great goods

The order was quick and well executed!
Thanks to the online service, I can drink the delicious May syrup of my childhood here in southern France; (- the woodruff plant and its use in eating and drinking is unknown to many here) - and share this pleasure with others!
Thank you!

Love this brand of nuts and the delivery was quick!


I love liquorice


Some products don't change even after decades, and that's a good thing. Russian bread is like that. Can even write f*ck Putin with it (pun intended). Tasty tasty…

Helaas 1 potje nr 1 kapot

Schulte Cinnamon Hearts Orange gingerbread hearts with cinnamon and orange flavor 150g
orit ochayon‏

Wasn't tasty. Very dry

Ferrero Mon Chéri cherry pralines 30 pieces 315g
Mercedes Camarero
Excellent service

very good service

Lindt Deco Edition Chocolate Easter Hen hand-painted 35g / 1.24 oz
Elizabeth Page

Lindt Deco Edition Chocolate Easter Hen hand-painted 35g / 1.24 oz

Everything perfect

Milka Easter eggs made from Alpine milk chocolate 100g / 3.52 oz
Marianne J. Hata

Fast service, excellent prices for German imports.

Maggi seasoning mix No. 1 for roasted meat

Ferrero Kisses Classic hazelnut pralines 178g
Arianna Gandola

Ferrero Kisses Classic hazelnut pralines 178g


Smaken från 70-talet är kvar

Lindt Nougat Easter Eggs 25 pieces in a quiver 450g / 15.87 oz
Regina Kroczek
Pure deliciousness

Those are truly the most delicious Easter Eggs in the world. I'll be getting them again next year.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Roasted Almond Limited Edition
No complains

Packaging and delivery was perfect. Nothing to complain about.

Maggi Bon appetit semolina dumpling soup

Very good German soup speciality.